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No Dairy = No Acne: The Conclusion

Published on Wednesday, April 11, 2012 by Miss Beauty MVP



It’s Over. Another holy season of Lent has come and gone, and I survived my sacrifice for Lent. Giving up dairy was no easy feat, by any means. But being disciplined and staying committed was the right thing to do. I am happy it’s over because I can finally eat cheese!

When I decided to give up dairy for Lent, I wanted to test the theory in Dr. Jessica Wu’s book, Feed Your Face:Younger, Smoother Skin and a Beautiful Body in 28 Delicious Days, that it would decrease acne and improve the overall texture of my skin. Now, I don’t have terrible cystic acne, but I do have combination/oily skin with a tendency to get more random, unattractive pimples than I care to admit.

Before Lent, I was drinking 2% milk, eating dairy yogurt, pizza, cheeseburgers, ice cream. When Lent began, I tried coconut milk which was just okay, then I tried vanilla flavored almond milk along with just plain almond milk. The vanilla almond milk was great with dry  cereal. I swapped regular yogurt for soy-based from Trader Joe’s. At Starbucks, I ordered a tall soy vanilla latte, which I surprisingly loved immediately! With everyone going vegan, it wasn’t difficult to find substitutes for my regular dairy choices except for…cheese. I tried both a veggie based cheese and couldn’t stand the after taste. And then I tried a rice based cheese which I ate on a turkey burger and on scrambled eggs. But the rice based cheese didn’t melt very well. So that didn’t work out. In addition to swapping dairy for alternatives, I began increasing my water intake and drinking more tea. Berries were also a vital part of my diet because they make wonderful, tasty antioxidants that improve the skin and fight signs of aging.



My dessert or breakfast, fresh berries and bananas drizzled with agave nectar.

I started to notice that I didn’t get scary looking pimples on the side of my cheek or on my forehead. The tone of my skin was more even and looked brighter. As a result, I wore makeup less and less. My Mami and my closest friends noticed the difference too! The no dairy diet was working. But it was definitely met with great challenges.

One Sunday, I was out to brunch with the BFF, and couldn’t have pancakes or french toast because milk is used to make these delicious brunch staples. I had eggs with no cheese *sad face*, mesclun greens, wheat toast and plenty of my brunch cocktail of choice, belllinis. Another time, I watched my friends enjoy a Papa John’s pizza slice, by cheesy slice. That was tough. Every time I felt like cheating, I would glance in the mirror and see my almost picture perfect complexion, tainted with the promise of a big, ugly blemish if I cheated, so I didn’t. I kept telling myself that this was going to be worth it. And it has been. Even when “Aunt Flow” was coming, she didn’t wreak havoc on my face. She came, she saw, but she didn’t conquer my face.

Last week while grocery shopping, I decided that I will give up drinking dairy milk and stay with almond and soy milk for things like cereal, desserts, etc. I can continue with soy yogurt  as a replacement for regular yogurt. Another great yogurt alternative, I enjoyed was Silk Soy Protein Smoothie beverage in berry and in Mango Peach flavors. I enjoyed drinking this as part of my morning breakfast. While I can’t fully give up eating cheese, because I love it too much, I promise to limit the intake of it.
I can’t believe I was even skeptical this diet change wouldn’t work, but I am sooo glad I was dead wrong. This experiment has taught me that what you put into your body is very important. While it was annoying to feel deprived at times, the pay off, in my opinion is totally worth it. While I am not a nutritionist, or a medical expert, I feel inclined to say that before you decide to make any changes to your diet, you should consult with a medical expert first, to ensure your choices work best for you.

Did you give up anything for Lent? Have you made major changes to your diet recently? Would you sacrifice a guilty pleasure if it meant better skin? Please share with me!


Besos & Hugs,

Miss Beauty MVP

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